Todo List

Member ShowoffDB::DatasetModel::headerData (int section, Qt::Orientation orientation, int role=QtDisplayRole) const
This QueryModel is not handling the headers properly. The column names must be remapped to match the order the columns are coming out of the source dataset.

Class ObjectTreeModel
give this model some filtering capabilities. We might add a string-list of object types to reject, and object types to accept. Right now, down in setupModelData, a simple filter is being applied to reject any object that does not carry a Q_CLASSINFO of "DESIGNABLE". This is simple and fairly rudimentary but its capabilities should probably be expanded to make this model a little more general purpose. For instance, a filter could be set up so that only objects shown are those that are inherited from a particular base class... all kinds of possibilities.

Member ShowoffDB::ShoObject::setDeleted (int value)
Make Object Deletions remove all references to the said deleted object. For instance a deleted 'View' needs to have the desktop views that refer to this object also deleted.

Member ShowoffDB::SqlResultCommence::fetch (int index)
This code is really choppy. It needs to be refactored.

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